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  • 5 Causes of Deforestation and Their Impact on the Environment

    Quoted from a book entitled Forest Management by Frans Wanggai (2009: 24) forestis a biological community of plants and animals that live in a certain condition, interacting in a complex way with non-living (abiotic) environmental components. Forests have many benefits. However, lately the forest has been getting smaller and causing the forest to become bare.… Read…

  • Urban Greening, A Form of Urban Environmental Conservation

    Preservation of the urban environment Green land is increasingly difficult to find, especially in big cities. Most of the land has been converted into towering buildings. Like Semarang. Semarang is the government base in Central Java Province. In urban areas we will rarely find a field with tall trees. No wonder air pollution is the main problem. In urban areas,… Read…

  • The Impact of Barren Forests on the Environment and Society

    – Barren forest is one of the valuable natural resources for all living things. But according to  WWF , about 15 billion trees are cut down every year worldwide and cause a lot of damage. Then, what is the impact of bare forests on the environment and society? The impact of deforested forests on the… Read…