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Urban Greening, A Form of Urban Environmental Conservation

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Preservation of the urban environment Green land is increasingly difficult to find, especially in big cities. Most of the land has been converted into towering buildings. Like Semarang. Semarang is the government base in Central Java Province. In urban areas we will rarely find a field with tall trees.

No wonder air pollution is the main problem. In urban areas, air pollution is rampant because many factories are operating and vehicles are certainly very crowded. In addition, due to the lack of green trees that can bind pollutant gases such as carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide gas released into the air will pollute the air.

Not only air pollution, in urban areas also frequent flooding. The flood disaster occurred due to the narrowness of green land. Green land was cleared and then residential and industrial buildings were built. The existence of these buildings makes rainwater blocked and cannot be absorbed optimally into the ground, thus triggering flooding.

Therefore, there is a need for reforestation in urban areas, such as in the city of Semarang and its surroundings. Reforestation is an effort to restore and increase the effectiveness of land so that it can function properly and optimally. As a regulator of water management to prevent flooding and to protect the environment, namely preventing pollution. Reforestation can also be interpreted as tree planting activities on vacant land outside the forest area.

Green Benefits

Greening is very much needed in big cities, with the reforestation program the benefits that we will get include the following:

  1. Reforestation is a means to preserve the environment, so that the environment is beautiful and healthy again without any pollution
  2. With the greening will lower the temperature of a place. The amount of oxygen released by plants will make the environment fresher, shady, comfortable, and beautiful.
  3. The existence of greenery will provide protection. Big trees will protect us from sun exposure. Can also be used as a silencer and a dust barrier. Besides that, it can also protect from strong winds
  4. Greening can reduce pollution, especially pollution. This is because carbon dioxide from motor vehicles and factory smoke can be absorbed by the leaves of these green trees. By trees carbon dioxide is converted into oxygen, which is needed by humans to breathe.
  5. Reforestation as a suggestion to prevent floods and soil erosion. With so many big and tall trees, rainwater will be absorbed by plant roots. Then the rainwater is converted into groundwater that can meet the needs of humans and other creatures.

The Importance of Greening in Cities

Global warming is no longer a mere issue, but has become a real fact. It is proven by the change of season between dry and rainy which is difficult to predict. The real action that can be taken to prevent further deterioration of the environment is to do reforestation.

Limited land in urban areas, is not a reason not to do reforestation. The existence of plants is very important as a place for water absorption. Therefore, keep doing reforestation even though the land is narrow and limited. There are many ways to do reforestation including the following.

  1. Reforestation.
    Reforestation is the replanting of deforested forests.
  2. Making city parks The
    development of urban forests and urban parks in the midst of dense urban areas will further optimize reforestation efforts and reduce air pollution. The existence of city parks also serves as a means of recreation for the community.
  3. Planting plants at home
    Planting plants in the home environment is an alternative to reforestation. Greening can be done by planting vegetables, fruits, and live pharmacies in the yard

Well, now of course you already know the importance of reforestation! Let’s start planting at home, to support government programs. Good luck and thank you.

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